Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Another Great Paducah Weekend!

Saturday afternoon and into the evening we were exploring the LoTo Art festival, where we wore crazy homemade t-shirts,DSC00303DSC00302met lots of interesting people, ate huge burritos and had some kick-arse coffee smoothies at the Global Nomad. We finally got to hear the main act, Bobby Hebb sing a 20 minute version of Sunny that brought down the house and included an usually placed solo on the spoons.
Yes, spoons.
He also had a habit to interjecting "keep it funky" into his act, which became our motto for the weekend.

So, keeping it funky, we headed on over to Fat Moe's to check out the scene. While we were there we met a 58 year old
, songwriter and english antiques dealer named Barry.
Mark Meets BarryHe claimed not only to have grown up with Davies brothers of Kinks fame, but used to hang out in London with the Stones before they were The Stones. He now sells vintage guitars and vintage concert t-shirts as well as your regular run-of-the-mill chairs, tables and whatnots.
I really enjoyed talking to him and loved his accent. He said he lost his wife of 24 years and ended up falling in love with a young woman and following her here to Paducah.
Mark liked Barry too, but suspected he was a wee bit full of alcohol-induced slight exaggerations. (Funny, because Mark would NEVER exaggerate, you know) **wink** We all shared a few beers and they had a v-e-r-y l-o-n-g "disagreeussion" on whether the Les Paul or the Fender Stratocaster was superior. The discussion went basically nowhere, but I learned a lot about both.
I have a sneaking suspicion we will end up knowing Barry well before all is said and done here in Paducah. My guess is that this is just your introduction to this interesting fellow. Maybe we will never see him again, but it is a small town so who knows? We might.

Sunday morning about 5AM I woke from a series of dreams where I was pouring a tasty glass of crystal clear ice water.
Upon waking and deciding that was something I needed, I headed downstairs to make dreams reality.

Stealthily, in the darkness, I snuck from the bed trying not to wake 2 dogs and a husband.

Not-so stealthily, I took an action hero's tumble down the stairs.

Painfully, I gulped and cussed down my glass of water.

Quasimodo-ly, I limped back to bed and....

Predictibly, I spent 4 hours in the emergency room as soon as daylight rolled around.

Yes, 4 hours of my Sunday morning were spent watching the Baptist Hospital Early Morning Freak Parade.
So much time was spent waiting for a diagonosis, I was actually disappointed to find out that I had not broken my wrist after all. I had merely bruised the bone and the placement of the swelling made it appear to be broken. What a let down. So I took my script for Loritab and went home.
Sulking a little.
I had become somewhat excited about getting my first cast ever.
Mark informed me that now the docs have cast wrapping colors besides white, and you get to choose which one you like best.
These choices include camoflage print. We decided I should absolutely choose camoflage, not only for the ironic fashion statement I would be making, but I could also make jokes about whether people could see it or not.

Once home, Mark prepared a big pitcher of his own kind of Sangria. It looked something like this and was delicious. Mark's step-brother, Chad, Chad's wife, Shay, and Chad's Mom, Kay all came over and we hung out on the porch and laughed, caught up on each other's lives (they are adopting a baby from China next week) and had a good time.
Kay then invited us to dinner at the Country Club, which was also delicious, and then back to her house, er, I should say resort.
What a crib! She had wonderful artwork everywhere and eventually asked if I could give her, and possibly her cousin, painting lessons.
We'll see....that could be fun.

On Memorial Day Monday, we hopped in the jeep and headed for the Land Between the Lakes. It's about 25 mintues away and very beautiful. We cruised around the marinas, looked at all the sailboats and wished we had one. Marina @ LBL Then we went to Patti's 1880's Settlement and Restaurant and had some wonderful ultra-greasy food and cool drinks from mason jars.Nice. After lunch, we shopped in some funny little stores, saw some barnyard animals,Roosta! smelled some pretty flowers and purchased this coffee table New table.made from a cigar crate from a lively lady that ran a cool antique shop.

To end our weekend adventure, we made a trip to the video store where we rented, The Life Aquatic. We LOVED it.
Especailly the AWESOME soundtrack, which included music by a guy named, Seu Jorge, who's voice I think I might be in love with.

So, free weekend #2 was a winner!
Maybe we're gonna like this place after all.

Friday, May 27, 2005



Just Because it's the Weekend:

Suitable for Framing
Rock on little sister!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wet Paint

Slight Adjustment of the Eyes.
Cropped Version
This is my most recent completed painting. His name is Ben the Smiling Golden Retriever. Sometimes affectionately referred to as Monkeyface.
I'm just waiting for it to dry, then I'll clear coat it, let it dry some more, then finally I'll make a delivery run to the 'Ville.
I think I turned out great! I love the grass, especially.

Dang, Billy!

Dang, Billy!
Dang, Billy!,
originally uploaded by Anessa.

He still does it for me 20 years later...
Work it, Bill!

Iced Tea and Orange Jumpsuits

Wow, I had an awesome dream last night!

I dreamed I was roller skating all over the place in some city.
Not my city, but some city.

Strangely, for some reason, I seem to have my dreams take place around and about Rupp Arena and Mill Street in downtown Lexington...I think it's the steep hills, general lack of traffic, mix of pretty homes and industrial sites that make it a good back drop...
Anyhoo, I digress.

My awesome dream was simple.
Me on roller skates.
All night long.

Yes, all night long.

And I was really, really good.

Back skate? No problem.
Speed skate? Kid stuff.
Multiple rotations with feet together a la Dorothy Hamill?
C'mon now. I can skate!

So you get the point.
I was quite talented,
and fast,
and happy,
and free.

At one point I was skating through the halls of my high school.
(But I wasn't screaming at the top of my lungs,
like John Mayer.)

At another point I was skating in a large concrete park with fountains,
(UK maybe?)
showing my fancy footwork off,
whizzing past dozens of punk rockers
and very unattractive drag queens.

One frumpy, slumpy cross-dresser in a black skirt, pink sheer top and large-brimmed, pink
Derbyesque hat
kept announcing, with a deep southern Georgia accent,
"I sho' would like myself a tall glass o' iced tea, 'bout now."

Since I was skating around the fountain for about 30 minutes, I got the chance to hear him say that more than a few times.
And around the fountain we go again....and, let me guess...."You'd like a glass of iced tea about now, wouldn't ya?"

Mandy and Lori are always making lists of songs they like, or don't like, or songs that make them feel wierd.
I can never access my brain's music directory completely enough to make any lists that I feel truly reflect my inner workings.

Luckily, though, because of last night's dream, I now have on of my very favorite Dire Straits songs stuck in my head.

Roller Girl....
Technically, it's titled "Skateaway", but no one ever knows what I'm talking about when I call it that.
You know, "she's takin' chances" and
"roller girl, don't worry, D. J. plays the movies, all night long.......all night long."

I think , in a way, I was living out a video for this song.
How wonderful is that?

I must mention that night before last I dreamed I was going to prison for 3 years for drinking a Miller Lite bottle in a handicapped parking space from my car. You know, open container law and no handicap pass= 3 years in the pokey.
So this cop arrested me and the next thing I knew, I was being handed my orange jumpsuit by the baliff in the court room.
I was hysterical. I kept sobbing, "You have got to be kidding me!"

Not a good dream.

I like roller skating better.
Yeah, a lot better.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wanna Bite?

I tend to get slightly obsessed with inane things from time to time.
(Pull that jaw up, Marcy. I know you aren't that shocked.)
Last week it was Nicole Ritchie's weight loss. This week it's Lindsay Lohan's.

Here she is before. Look at what a sexy doll she is:
lindsay before

I'm embarrassed that I even know about these sort of things.
The fact that I worry about these things is beyond me,
however.....I do.

Look at Lindsay now:
lindsay after

I just don't get it.
I mean, WTF?

I hope it is drugs because I could understand that.....
but if these girls think this is attractive...

Oh, man.
Waaaaaay off base.

So sadly mistaken.

I joke occasionally about my extra 15 lbs, but I would much rather be a little chunky, curvy, healthy and squeezable, than look like a bag of bones.

Just wanted to broadcast that and now I think I'll have a big fat scoop of Chubby Hubby just to emphasize my point.

Monday, May 23, 2005


I need a new business name...and I need it kinda fast.
I have called a web designer and I need to get some business cards printed up very soon.

Here's the deal.
Although I LOVE the name Pink Fifi Portraits, I am only one of a very few bunch that feel that way.
I get comments a lot that people just don't get it and it's hard to remember. A lot of people think it sounds pornographic.
(That's crazy, but whatever.....gutter brains.....)

So, I am hoping to get some valuable feedback from you, my loyal readers.
Yes, all three of you.
I figure, at this point, you should have a pretty good idea of who I am.

Here are a few samples of my work to give your brain a step in the right direction.
Ruth and Jeff
Matthew and Andrew
Lori Lyn

Does seeing these paintings and knowing me make a name or a logo pop into your head?
Try to avoid the obvious, such as "Basketcase of Mediocrity", as I will be trying to gain business with my new name,
not scare the hell out of people.......
or make them think of porn.

Think it over, and if you have any ideas please feel free to share them with me, either here through the comment option, or through my e-mail: landofpinkfifi@aol.com.
(Please put: Contest in the subject line so I will be sure to read it.)

Now, I did mention it was a contest, right?
That's because, if I end up using a name that is submitted by one of you, you will win....
An absolutely FREE 16X20 headshot portrait, similar to this lovely one of my friend Darlin to be finished 6 months from the date of receiving reference photos.
(I will pay shipping costs up to $25.00.)

Even if you are not a fan of my work it might make a good gift, right?


We always tell people Bruce is a dingo, but this proves it!
Bruce, is that you?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Our First Free Saturday in Paducah

After coffee and e-mail on the front porch...so relaxing....
we took the dogs
for a morning walk through
Mansion on Jefferson
our neighborhood

towards the Lowertown Arts District
where the rehabs
Major Renovation and new constructionTwo new LoTo Structures are everywhere.

Next we took leisurely showers (no photos of that, sorry to disappoint you) and surfed the internet.
Next came a knock on the door and a house warming giftHouse Warming Gift from our funny and talkative neighbor Donna Maria,

After Donna Maria's visit, we were off to the Springtime Sampler at City Hall's
beautiful park. (no photos...sorry)
Had some Sushi and Jambalya from the Cafe Minou booth...
looked at some good art, some really bad art, smelled some candles and sampled some dips made from fresh herbs and listened to the Paducah Symphony Orchestra play. They were impressive!

Then off to get some dinner.
(Yes. we were still hungry after our springtime samples...)
We chose Moss Rose Cafebecause of its name and location. It's tucked down a little cobblestone alley between some other neat shops and restaurants. Once inside, it was mainly a biker bar, but all sorts of people were inside and it was friendly. We felt right at home and of course, I combined two orders and asked for a buffalo chicken salad with bleu cheese.
It was just what I was hoping for, and never on the menu.

Next, time for the movies.. we walked about 100 steps and were at Maiden Alley Cinema where we watched Melinda and Melinda, the new Woody Allen movie. It was funny and featured Will Ferrell who we both absolutely adore. He's such a lovable wierdo.

After the movies Downtown After Dinner Where it's at---was in full swing. This occurs every Saturday night from late spring to early fall.
6 blocks of Main Street
are blocked off and you will find street musicans , performers,
Freeze Model Street Performer cloggers,
horse and buggies, hot rods, motorcycles,Bikers
Mormon's handing out pamphlets, (Mark woun't let me take a photo of that, either) and it goes without mentioning, one of those big blow up dancing things.
Dancing Air Man You can be assured there is party going on when you see one of these guys.

We walked around and enjoyed the sights,Interesting Window Display the dancers, Dancin' in the Streets and the energy of the crowd.Satuday Night Downtown

Then home to Jefferson Street where we watched Bridget Jones Diary, the second. It was enjoyable... kinda stupid, kinda funny. Not hard to follow. Things work out for Bridge. Perfect for the end of a long day.

SO that's our first free Saturday in Paducah. Can't wait until the music festival next week.
Sure none of you want to come on down???

Friday, May 20, 2005

Great Scott!

You, yes, you can look like an artist, too!

Look how brilliant my friend Scott Scarboro is:
Art Brokent Jeans .
I think we should support such a clever idea...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm about to pack a baboon's lunch, if you know what I mean.

I have been walking the dogs almost every morning in an effort to live more healthily in my new town,
and hopefully, even gain a little muscle tone to my once shapely legs.

One thing I am shocked to experience on my otherwise lovely daily walks is cat calls from male passers-by.

Yes, old-fashioned cat calls.
As in whistles, comments and rude grunting noises.

I don't believe I have been whistled at, or "woo-hooed",
for that matter, by someone I didn't know, in about one million years.
Even then, it was almost purely in jest.

I'm not sure what is making these small town fellas act like cavemen.
Perhaps, they didn't get a chance to attend the mandatory sexual harassment video seminar at the factory.
Perhaps, the concept of sexual harassment is new to them.
Either way, I'm not sure I know how I feel about getting commented on.
Even if it IS a compliment.

For example, as I was crossing the street yesterday , an elderly black gentleman
on a beautiful, old, red, Schwinn bicycle, with a big antique wicker basket attached to the handlebars
came wheeling toward me. He had a huge smile on his face and the sun was shining on his chrome.
I thought to myself, what a great photo that would be and what happy man he seemed to be.

As he got closer to me he said.... get this;
"Hey! You're packin'! I see why you need those dogs to protect you...'cause you're packin', baby!"

I was stunned. This is not what I expected him to say. I expected "Good morning..." or maybe even "Hi."
But not, "Hey! You're packin".
I was confused.
Although flattered to be packin', I was a wee bit offended that he assumed I'd like someone commenting on my figure.

Oh well, and down the street I went....

One block down from where I was allegedly packin',
a construction crew was moving a home from another location and lowering it down onto a new foundation.
This is the sort of thing that takes great concentration.
So, imagine my surprise, when the guy operating the crane stops to wave and smile.
Well, that was nice, but jeez dude...shouldn't you be lowering the house with full attention?
About then, the rest of the crew that was apparently, only seconds before, hidden from my line of sight,
came pouring out from around the side of the building and whistling at me, "hey babying" me,
and one even grabbed his crotch and heart at the same time, making a face like he was in pain.

What a display.

I smiled a smart-ass smile and tried to get the heck out of there as fast as possible.
It is at this point, of course that Lilly decides to take a huge poop.
It seemed to take forever for her BM to occur, and I could feel them looking at me whole time.

I mean, what the heck?
What is their deal?
I have on no make-up and I'm picking up poop with a plastic Kroger bag.
Yes, real attractive.
Did I forget to wear pants or something?
Nope. Jeans are in place and fastened.
Is my shirt see-through?
No. Still a thick white cotton tee.
Is there a hot chick standing behind me?
No. Not a soul.

Those guys must have just gotten out of prison.
I knew they would be there again today so I decided to walk the dogs in the other direction.
Towards the fancy houses.

Well, guess what.
The fancy boys did it too.
Twice, from their fancy cars.

I really don't know what is going on here.
Is it a Paducah custom? An acceptable sort of greeting around these parts?
Or are they cavemen?
Just crude and crass and they don't give a rat's ass if they are behaving like baboons?

Or is it ....well, I suppose.....maybe it is
that I am, in fact, mighty fine
and my new lifestyle,sans bar hopping until 3am
is agreeing with me.

Maybe I am the hottest thing these country boys have ever seen.
Maybe I am getting better looking with age and the walking has already whipped my body into
irresistible shape.
Maybe I'm the big deal I always thought I was.....yeah, maybe they can't help themselves when in the presence of a goddess....

On second thought, these men are baboons.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Polish People in Paducah

I was at the local Wal Mart today,
(swearing I would shop elsewhere as soon as I learn what my other options are)
when I kept seeing signs reminding me to visit the new Polish Center located at the front of the building.

Hmm. I never realized how many Polish people lived in Paducah.

Mexicans are well represented, and the Penecostals around here seem like they're from another country...
but I haven't met any people from the Polish decent yet. Maybe I just didn't notice.

Gosh. There's another sign welcoming me to the center.
Friendly bunch, those Pollacks.

And yet another!
Man, apparently there is a whole part of Paducah I never knew about.

I'm amazed there are so many Polish transplants that they need their own center at the Super Wal Mart.
Oh, I'll bet there are some awesome restaurants.
Alright! Pork Peddler is wearing me out.

I think I will check out this new Polish center,
after I buy this cowboy hat....
and curtain rod...
and card table...
and bag of M&MS.

"Z'at all fer ya taday, hunny?" Says the strangely attractive 40 something bleach blonde mullet-styled check-out lady.
"Yes, thank you.....by the way...what are all these signs about the Polish Center?" I inquire.
"What hunny? I'm not sure I'm followin' ya. What Polish Center?"
I point to a sign pasted up right beside the register. "This center. Are there really that many Polish people in Paducah?"
She peeks up over her gold frame reading glasses and cracks a wicked smile.

I blink.

I'm blank.

"Hunnnnny, that says Polish Center, as in gittin' yer nails done. You know, manis and pedis. Paw-lish, hunny...not Po-lish."
She is absolutely blown away by my stupidity and lack of proper nail grooming.

I die laughing and she joins in.
We laugh until we have tears in our eyes.

"Okay, well, that'll do it for now..." I tip my new cowboy hat and give her a wink.
She gives me a wink back.
"Come back real soon, honey..."

Maybe I will go back at least once more.

PARTY, chez Farmhart

Hey all y'all---
I just wanted to let you know that there is an Art and Music Festival in Lowertown, here in Paducah on May the 27th and 28th. Jazz, Blues, Zydeco and fabulous 60's recording sensation Bobby Hebb singing his hit song "Sunny". What could be better?
If any of you would like to come check out the Artist Relocation Program and the ever expanding LoTo Historic Arts district, now may be the perfect time. We have a couple of extra beds and a sofa or two to offer up if you're feeling like a road trip. Heck, you may even decide to buy a little place while you're here. Or a big place, or maybe a piece of art .
Either way...think about it...

We'd love to show you around our new neighborhood!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bad Hot Dog or Psychic Ability?

I will report to you about my Derby adventures very soon...
in the meantime, if you want get a glimpse of the madness, hop on over to my
www.flickr.com photo sharing spot.

Instead, today, I have to let you know what happened as I was heading home from my long weekend in the 'Ville.

Basically, I almost died...
Well, I almost had a very bad wreck.
Luckily, because of a hot dog I bought from a street vendor after the Oaks race, I was very aware that something bad was about to happen.

I knew, quite certainly, that something bad was going to happen to me
or someone I love, for at least 72 hours prior to the actual event.

You see, every now and then, I get this feeling I call the "impending doom feeling".
You may not know this about me.
Mainly, just my Mom and Mark hear about this sort of thing.
Mom has it too.
The feelings, that is.
Mark thinks these feelings are kinda (real) crazy, but he's glad I listen to my instincts.
This time, especially.

So, back to the scenario; it all started with a bad hot dog from a street vendor.
The next day my stomach hurt and my mind was anxiety ridden.
I thought it was from all the late night derby partying..
and that damn hot dog

but I still couldn't shake it...
or maybe it was a hangover.
After it went on all afternoon, without a headache, I knew It's wasn't a hangover,
after all... I know what a hangover feels like.

It was something else.

I spent the night with my sister Sunday night and couldn't sleep to save my life,
although I was completely exhausted.
I went to bed at 10pm...but didn't sleep until about 4am. Betweent the hours of 10 and 4,
I kept feeling like my arms were going numb, I'd nod off and then I'd wake up suddenly.
I thought I was developing sleep apnea.

Even the next morning, whren I was heading to G-town to visit my Mom for Mother's Day, I still had that awful feeling.
It was getting harder to push out of my mind.

Was it Lilly at the kennel needing me?
Was my visit with Grandma not going to happen due to something awful?
Was Mark having car trouble somewhere far, far away?

I spent the night with my Mom and Dad and
the next morning my bad feeling was so strong I started crying in my car heading back to Louisville.
Not boo-hooing, but tearing up all day...

What the hell?
Am I suffering from depression?
Have I lost my mind?
Did that fricking hot dog infect my brain?

Dad was having some routine medical tests done the day I was driving home.
God, I hope nothing is up with that.

Then I saw a box turtle trying to cross the freeway with his neck stuck waaaaaaay out.
Dead animals on the highway really upset me.
( I always say a little prayer for their souls.)
I started feeling like my bad feeling had something to do with the turtle.
Or the highway.

On I went.

I passed an awful wreck with a semi on I-64.
The feeling was still there after I drove past the wreckage.

So, maybe it IS just the stress of moving...relocating...etc...
Maybe I am, in fact, hung over, or old, or depressed. Because, if it wasn't the massive wreck I just passed...
Well, then it must just be me losing my tiny mind.

About that time, while I was daydreaming, of what it could be,
I noticed I was following one of those big trucks that transports cars.
You know, the ones that have 10 or 12 cars at funny angles with plastic on the hoods?
Well, I was looking at the very last car on the bottom rack, right in front of me, and suddenly the feeling was unbearable.
Oh no.
This is it.
Where those chains going to pop loose and dump a car on me?
Right here on the highway?

At that very moment a very long, heavy, metal, ramp/ ladder
( the kind that is used to get the cars up onto the big truck)
slid out of it's storage bin, off the transport truck and
came careening towards my little jeep at about 70 miles per hour.

I SLAMMED on my brakes and successfully avoided running over, or being hit by, the big, bouncing and quite dangerous HUGE piece of heavy steel and looked in my rearview mirror only to see an enormous light blue Mack truck screeching up behind me.

I tensed up so hard for those few seconds, my back still has a kink in it.

The ladder then wildly flip-flopped into the far right lane and another large delivery truck slammed on his brakes.

It was metal on concrete and squealing brakes and complete white noise silence, all at once.
Then we all started moving again.

No one stopped. Not even those of us directly involved with the death cheating event.
We did, however, remain at a crawl for a while...
Trying to regain our composure, I suppose.

For the next 10 or so minutes, my arms were completely numb,
just like the night I was trying to sleep

Tears immediately started squirting out of my eyes,
the same ones I had been trying to suppress all morning

And my stomach flipped inside out.
just like that stinking hot dog did to me.

When I quit freaking out and got it back up to 65mph,
the impending doom feeling vanished.
Just like that.
Mystery solved.

Thank goodness, I'm just quacky enough to delve into these things.

Many folks might have dismissed the feeling...
and many folks might have had to tango with the ladder.

So next time your feeling a little funky,
just remember this little story from your crazy pal, Anessa....

Don't be afraid to trust your gut...
'cause it just MIGHT NOT BE THE HOT DOG!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Pre-Derby Sleep Deprivation Post

I was so keyed up last night about Oaks and Derby, and my trip to Louisville for the weekend, that I had a most fitful night's sleep.
I tossed and turned and dreamed some crazy stuff.
Although, Mark would beg to differ that I did any tossing or turning, stating that Lilly and I snored like freight trains all night.

For the record, Lilly and I both deny that claim.

To spare you (somewhat) another very long, non-sensical chain of dream events, I will do my best to keep this short.
You may have noticed by now I have a hard time being concise.
So it may be long, after all, with the good intentions of being short.
However, I will not recite the whole dream analog style. I will list the key images instead.

Without further ado, The Pre-Derby Fitful Dream:

#1) Pier One has come out with clear polyurethane chairs which are flexible, scratch resistant and very comfortable. They are completely see-through and very desirable. They come in short and tall sizes, for short and tall people. Brilliant idea! I was as tickled as Goldilocks when I found the chair that was just my size.

#2) Pier One also now has a enormous lake in center of the store with a real live talking deer that says it's caretakers name, "Reagan", when it needs more food or is lonely. As in "Reagan, I need a new salt lick please."

#3) This deer was the offspring of a very old deer that was also quite intelligent.

#4) Babies will give you a heart attack if you leave them unattended and find them later sitting atop a wall like Humpty Dumpty.

#5) One may not kiss a former college boyfriend, even in a dream.
Especially if you are both married. You may however kiss the inside of his hand and he can save it for later. (How loyal am I? I won't even cheat in a dream? )
My recurring dream boyfriend, Mick Jagger and sometimes dream boyfreind,Joaquin, are celebrities and hence do not count. I may kiss them all I want in dreams.

#6) I do not, I repeat; DO NOT look attractive with short brown curly hair. Even in a dream state this was a disaster of epic proportions.

So with bags under my eyes, and a twinkle in them as well, I'm packing up the seer-sucker suit and fedora (avec smashing grosgrain ribbon) my best madras patchwork pants, some cruising CD's, a baseball cap ('cause the top is DOWN, baby!) and I'm off!

Be back soon..

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the best part...
I am painting the lawn jockey for Churchill Downs horticulture department again this year.
Yahoo! They pay me $300 and I get two free passes for the whole week, including Oaks and Derby.

I suggested that I should repaint our little guy with the new Derby winner's silk colors on television, immediately after the race. Start a new tradition. Make it more public. More exciting! Make it aBIG deal!

They liked my idea, and were quite amused by it as well.

Apparently, no one has ever asked to be on TV for this...
What? In all those years, no one has ever been filmed performing the annual repainting of the silks???
Seems crazy to me... HA!
What a missed opportunity.

So, needless to say, the details are still fuzzy on whether or not the TV crews will make my plan happen this year... but the seed has been planted.
AND, there's always next year , right?
AND, I suppose, it might take me a while to get them to change 100 years of tradition.

Instead of hamming it up on TV, I will most likely take the little fella home after the last race and paint him and return him on Monday or Tuesday when he's dry.
Not quite as exciting as being on TV, but still fun to be part of the tradition, nonetheless.

I'll find out the details tomorrow, but don't hold your breath.
My SSPEDTI Plan, (Shameless Self-Promotion and Eternal-Derby-Ticket-Insurance-Plan)
is just in the beginning stages.

It's a lofty goal, but you can't win if you don't play!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I never noticed before, but...

Is that Janine Garofalo on my cat's food bag?
janine garofalo on my cat food bag?

Sunday, May 01, 2005

My 5

I was tagged by my friend, Digital, over at Whyareweinthishandbasket? to:

“Name five things that people with whom you generally associate think are really cool, but that leave you cold."

So here are my five, which are subject to change at any moment, depending on which way the wind is blowing.

1. Louis Vuitton cherry purses...I just don't get this one.
However, I do appreciate a nice designer handbag from time to time.

2. Brad Pitt and/or Tom Cruise...same difference, way too hunky.
I like Vince Vaughn, the more recent, heavier version and Joaquin Phoenix 'cause scars are sexy.
I love the one on his lip.

3. Reality shows....I'm so over it.
Talk radio also falls into this category for me.
Too much chatter. I have PLENTY of chatter in my head already, thank you.

4. The View...
Those women make me embarrassed to call myself a woman. I mean, really.
Someone enlighten me, please. What is the point of this show?

5. Clubs of any sort...I hate organized meetings of any kind.
I made myself go to Weight Watchers for a while. It was a club with great benefit to my general well being,
but I couldn't stand the "rah, rah, lets share our struggles and big group hug" vibe.

Now, just to balance it out...here are 5 things I think are really cool that most folks don't:

1. Great deals on second hand clothes.

2. Motley Crue.

3. Sharing, see: reciting, my dreams over coffee in the morning.

4. Finding the perfect juxtapositional arrangement of items.

5. Dreadlocks on white girls.

I'd love to hear your 5's... so post 'em, if ya got 'em.
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