Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Another Great Paducah Weekend!

Saturday afternoon and into the evening we were exploring the LoTo Art festival, where we wore crazy homemade t-shirts,DSC00303DSC00302met lots of interesting people, ate huge burritos and had some kick-arse coffee smoothies at the Global Nomad. We finally got to hear the main act, Bobby Hebb sing a 20 minute version of Sunny that brought down the house and included an usually placed solo on the spoons.
Yes, spoons.
He also had a habit to interjecting "keep it funky" into his act, which became our motto for the weekend.

So, keeping it funky, we headed on over to Fat Moe's to check out the scene. While we were there we met a 58 year old
, songwriter and english antiques dealer named Barry.
Mark Meets BarryHe claimed not only to have grown up with Davies brothers of Kinks fame, but used to hang out in London with the Stones before they were The Stones. He now sells vintage guitars and vintage concert t-shirts as well as your regular run-of-the-mill chairs, tables and whatnots.
I really enjoyed talking to him and loved his accent. He said he lost his wife of 24 years and ended up falling in love with a young woman and following her here to Paducah.
Mark liked Barry too, but suspected he was a wee bit full of alcohol-induced slight exaggerations. (Funny, because Mark would NEVER exaggerate, you know) **wink** We all shared a few beers and they had a v-e-r-y l-o-n-g "disagreeussion" on whether the Les Paul or the Fender Stratocaster was superior. The discussion went basically nowhere, but I learned a lot about both.
I have a sneaking suspicion we will end up knowing Barry well before all is said and done here in Paducah. My guess is that this is just your introduction to this interesting fellow. Maybe we will never see him again, but it is a small town so who knows? We might.

Sunday morning about 5AM I woke from a series of dreams where I was pouring a tasty glass of crystal clear ice water.
Upon waking and deciding that was something I needed, I headed downstairs to make dreams reality.

Stealthily, in the darkness, I snuck from the bed trying not to wake 2 dogs and a husband.

Not-so stealthily, I took an action hero's tumble down the stairs.

Painfully, I gulped and cussed down my glass of water.

Quasimodo-ly, I limped back to bed and....

Predictibly, I spent 4 hours in the emergency room as soon as daylight rolled around.

Yes, 4 hours of my Sunday morning were spent watching the Baptist Hospital Early Morning Freak Parade.
So much time was spent waiting for a diagonosis, I was actually disappointed to find out that I had not broken my wrist after all. I had merely bruised the bone and the placement of the swelling made it appear to be broken. What a let down. So I took my script for Loritab and went home.
Sulking a little.
I had become somewhat excited about getting my first cast ever.
Mark informed me that now the docs have cast wrapping colors besides white, and you get to choose which one you like best.
These choices include camoflage print. We decided I should absolutely choose camoflage, not only for the ironic fashion statement I would be making, but I could also make jokes about whether people could see it or not.

Once home, Mark prepared a big pitcher of his own kind of Sangria. It looked something like this and was delicious. Mark's step-brother, Chad, Chad's wife, Shay, and Chad's Mom, Kay all came over and we hung out on the porch and laughed, caught up on each other's lives (they are adopting a baby from China next week) and had a good time.
Kay then invited us to dinner at the Country Club, which was also delicious, and then back to her house, er, I should say resort.
What a crib! She had wonderful artwork everywhere and eventually asked if I could give her, and possibly her cousin, painting lessons.
We'll see....that could be fun.

On Memorial Day Monday, we hopped in the jeep and headed for the Land Between the Lakes. It's about 25 mintues away and very beautiful. We cruised around the marinas, looked at all the sailboats and wished we had one. Marina @ LBL Then we went to Patti's 1880's Settlement and Restaurant and had some wonderful ultra-greasy food and cool drinks from mason jars.Nice. After lunch, we shopped in some funny little stores, saw some barnyard animals,Roosta! smelled some pretty flowers and purchased this coffee table New table.made from a cigar crate from a lively lady that ran a cool antique shop.

To end our weekend adventure, we made a trip to the video store where we rented, The Life Aquatic. We LOVED it.
Especailly the AWESOME soundtrack, which included music by a guy named, Seu Jorge, who's voice I think I might be in love with.

So, free weekend #2 was a winner!
Maybe we're gonna like this place after all.


Blogger Lori-Lyn said...

Well, except for having to get a cast, sounds like a good weekend. I love the shirts!!

Wednesday, 01 June, 2005  
Blogger Mandy said...

Your weekend sounds awesome except for the emergency room.
You aren't going to believe this but the year I moved back from New York, 2001, Shanna, Kylie and I took a Thanksgiving weekend trip to Land Betwixt the Lakes and we stayed right across the sreet from Patti's in a a little cabin. AND- we had Thanksgiving Dinner there. That's so hilarious, no?

Wednesday, 01 June, 2005  
Blogger anessa said...

Thanks girls,
Arms much better today....
LBL is beautiful...loved those little cabins!

Wednesday, 01 June, 2005  

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