Wednesday, November 19, 2008

LEO Staff Pix Blurb, Thanks to Jo Anne Triplett!

Through Nov. 30
New works by Anessa Arehart

Anessa Arehart and The Nitty Gritty are perfect for each other. Arehart’s paintings usually have a retro feel, ideal for a location that carries 1970s platform shoes and rhinestone jewelry. Her latest exhibit is titled “Elizabeth Fell in Love with a Carney.”

“This series of seven paintings is a slight evolution and temporary departure from what has become recognized as my standard ‘beauty paintings,’” Arehart says. “(They are) based on a common fantasy of otherwise well-behaved girls that dream of breaking all the rules and running away with the carnival in search of new life of freedom, adventure, mysterious characters, jailhouse tattoos, bent rules and blinking lights, all played out to a soundtrack of AC/DC, naturally.”

The acrylic, spray-paint and chalk-on-canvas paintings represent what she calls “a little walk on the wide side.” And lookin’ good doing it. —Jo Anne Triplett
The Nitty Gritty
996 Barret Ave.
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