Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Painting for You.

The original photo:
Nephews (2)
Cropped and enhanced photo:
Nephews (2)
Little bit of paint:
Little more paint:
And the finished product:
The Boys
Just got picked up today!
18"x24" Oil on canvas.
Even got a nice tip... Thanks, Matt!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wasn't me.

See Unicorns CAN drive!
(Just not very well.)
This is the best story EVER.

Thanks so much Lori Lyn for sending the article my way.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Huff, Puff, Sweat,

Well, I'm starting week 8 of the"Go For It - Get Fit Challenge" tomorrow.

How are things going, you ask?

Eh. Not so good.
I have lost 3 lbs.
(On a good day.)

Here's an update from the paper today: CLICK HERE.

I must admit that I'm super bummed that the weight isn't falling off of me.
Seems weight has never fallen off of me
For any reason.

I didn't want to admit it to the newspaper, but my enthusiasm is waning.
I'm starting to
less than motivated pull on my stretchy pants
...and my poorly fitted sports bra
...and pump my aching calf muscles
...for 35 more minutes
...hoping for an inspirational song to come on next move me along
...while staring at the wall ahead of me dreaming of what I could look like
...if I was only 10 lbs lighter.

I'm hoping tomorrow is the day.
The day I wake up and find the scales
of fitness
have tipped in my favor.

Hoping tomorrow is the day I have
a big breakthrough
finding my stride
and learning to love

Which not-so-surprisingly
rhymes with
absolutely NOTHING.

I'm assuming this is because
there are many of us out here
that wish it would just go away.

Now, let me make it clear to you...
I am not giving up.
Not at all.

I'm just disappointed it's not going as I had imagined.

Good news is that at least this week's photo is okay.
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