Friday, December 22, 2006

The Awakening.

I am actually a little bit in a Christmas mood for the first time in years~
and I must admit I'm quite glad, as I thought it might never happen again.
In this lifetime at least.

It's sad to say , but following years upon years of retail work, my brain sustained what you might refer to as a "dullness" and/or "lack of spark" regarding all things Christmassy.
No craving for tinsel and twinkle.
No desire for nog and nutmeg.
No time for mistletoe and mittens.

I even quit sending our extra-special handmade cards out a few years back.

Worst of all... I didn't feel particularly guilty about it.
Any of if.
Didn't lose a wink of sleep over it.

This year however something has changed.
Even though I haven't started my shopping yet...
(yes, you read it correctly.....and yes, it is December 22nd.)
I am a feeling a teeny bit like the Grinch when his heart began to swell.
Yes, I'm certain, something is a flutter in my cold little dried up holiday heart.
Seems it has found a quiet, happy little beat.
It is maybe even twinkling a bit with festive yuletide activity.
I can't see these things, yet I suspect they are happening.

How do I know this, you may ask?
Well, hard evidence, actually.
As in, visible proof in and around my living quarters.
Strange and unusual activity for grinchy sorts.
Just so you know what we are talking about here, I present to you;

Exhibit A:
Here's my front door. (I actually took the time to tie all the little ribbons and arrange everything "just so".)

Exhibit B:
I happily dug out our old aluminum tree and smiled while assembling and decorating it:
New 3d painting above mantle, bought at Good Folk Fest.

Exhibit C:
Mark picked up a little wreath on the way home from work one evening. Before I knew what was happening I had strapped the cute little bugger to the front of my Jeep for all the world to see.
(It makes me giggle a little every time I see it.)
If you look very closely, you will spy a foam Santa's head on my antenna.
X-mas jeepy.

The most crucial piece of evidence?
I made you a gift. (sort of "made", anyway)...
Of the most silly and highly contagious holiday-spirited variety.
Click here for a special treat, especially from me to you.

Yep, I'm guilty.
And enjoying it...

Wishing you and yours
and lots of guilt-free fattening foods this holiday season.

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