Friday, April 29, 2005

Meth in Paducah

I have been hearing a few, as in a whole bunch,
of stories and rumors about the meth problem in this tiny town.
It's mentioned in the newspaper a lot.
It's on the news a lot.
And people talk about it a lot, too.
Lots of people are getting arrested every week here in McCracken County.
Wild stuff.
It is all the buzz...pun kinda intended.
In fact, one of my neighbors came over and introduced herself today.
I was not shocked when just 5 minutes into the conversation she said she used the word meth.
She said they drugs were really bad two blocks over.
" Meth users and crack houses."
"Seems they would be called meth houses.", I suggested.
She said "Yes, technically, I suppose they would be meth houses." She looked at me strangely.

I changed the subject.

I tell you this: Thank God this stuff wasn't around when I was in high school.
Back in the 80's kids their fair share of experimentation.
Luckliy, nothing back then was that dangerous.
Mainly it was just pot.
Which grows from the earth.
Meth is made in basements and trailers and kitchens from stuff like antifreeze and acetone.
Pot smokersdo NOT wander around in a snowstorm hallucinating like this poor young couple, who eventually froze to death.
Literally. Pot might make you wander into the kitchen for something sweet and salty, but even that would take a lot of gumption.

I don't believe folks today have any idea exactly how crazy this stuff is. Remember New Jack City and the crack epidemic that used to be??
Well, that was just kid stuff compared to these junkies and poor lost causes addicted to meth.
Which rhymes with death.
It seems rightfully so.

I guess this is something new I will get to witness, and report to you about.

Funny, all this time I thought it was the Wal Marts that were killing the small towns of yesterday.
I was wrong.
Apparently, it is a mixture of Drano, Sudafed, and boredom.



Blogger Mick said...


Yikes. I mean--those are hard to believe...

I wrote some blab about a tangentially related crack bust here in lexington

Interested in your "moving" drama. I'm from owensboro, never been to Paducah much.. never really wanted to go there much. And yet, I've heard about some ARts initiative they've had there that is designed to lure artists to live there.

Is this part of your scenario?

Anyway, wanted to chime in and thank you for looking at my blog!

mick (lori-lyn's friend)

Monday, 02 May, 2005  
Blogger anessa said...

Hey Mick,

Thanks for the comment, and yes, the art scene is 1/2 the reason we moved here. I'm a painter that has had a full time job for the past 15 years.
I am finally taking a leap of faith and trying to do the artist thing full time.
ANd I gotta tell ya...
I'm very exited about the promise this recently developed community holds.

Check out or (go to the forum to get the best scoop on what's happening) .

We bought a house 5 blocks from the lowertown arts district, but found out yesterday that a recent vote has just extended it to our street. This is great news because there are 45 artists here and 20 more on the way from all over the US and one from Germany (so I've heard). They are practically giving homes away in lowertown, all sizes, huge and little shotguns, (they all need various kinds of fixing up) and they are actually giving FREE LOTS in the district to build upon....PLUS $2500 towards architectural consulting fees and the Paducah bank is sponsoring the loan program. Up to 300% of the value of the home, up to 100% financing at a reasonable rate. ANd did I mention the main draw?
All of the homes are zoned commercial and residential so you can run a gallery/ business out of your home.
It's quite amazing and I'm trying to recruit friends to come do it with me...
I wish it would happen in Louisville or Lexington, but it seems there are too many cooks in the kitchen in those cities. Here, in this small town, there are only a few "cooks" calling the shots , so it works. Our home is probably the coolest place we have ever owned and we got it for a song.
Only bad thing, even though they have extended the arts district , our street is historically protected so I can't run a gallery out of my home. I am still planning on getting in with one of the co-op situations.

It's all good.

I know from your website you are an artist as well.... maybe you should come check it out sometime. We would be happy to put you and Lucy up for a night or two.


Monday, 02 May, 2005  
Anonymous Seth said...

Anessa, you should work for the Paducah Chamber of Commerce. After that blurb, I can see myself selling books out of a house there...

BTW, Meth also rhymes with Seth.

Monday, 02 May, 2005  
Blogger anessa said...

Chamber of Commerce, eh? Hmmmmm.....might be a good idea...I'm a big fan of the idea they are trying to see to fruition. And hey, while I'm extending invitations, why don't you and Christine come on down for a visit!? There is a guy named Ike in the district that restores old books as his art. Pretty cool. You might like to get into something like that...
And, yes...Meth does rhyme with Seth. BUt In the words of my friend Mick, that stuff is "FOCKED UP, MANG!"

Monday, 02 May, 2005  

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