Sunday, April 10, 2005

3 Days in the Life

My goodness this was an awesome weekend!
Mark was out of town, which was the only thing that kept it from being absolutely perfect.
It would have been a lot more fun with him along for the ride, but that goes without saying.

So, even though I was flying solo, I managed squeeze in lots of good stuff. It's good for me to be forced to do things alone, occasionally. Make my own fun, if you will.

The weather was flawless for three days straight and that has the same effect on me as caffeine, so I was flitting about, bounding with energy all weekend long.
Funny, every time I walked by the vacuum sweeper or the mounds of laundry, my boundless energy would wane.
I decided to just stay away from those items and out the door I went.

I took the top off the Jeep on Friday afternoon and didn't need to put it back up until Sunday night. I cruised all over town.
Joy-riding with the radio up, just for the heck of it. Have you ever heard me say how much I love my Wrangler? Well, I do. I love it so much I can't believe I was 34 before I got one. If I had one in high school, or college even, I would have considered myself pretty damn cool. Now I'm surely not quite as cool, but it does make house-wifey chores a lot more fun and I can't even begin to explain why wind in your hair is so liberating. Inarguably, it is.

Friday night I hung out with four of my girlfriends at Shenanigan's Pub. I was home at a reasonable hour and we had lots of fun talking about all sorts or silly stuff. My bar tab was practically nothing without Mark's expensive beers adding to the total. Miller Lite is much more economical than those thick dark pints he loves, plus since I was alone I made myself drink a pint of water in between beers. Water, being the only free beverage I know of, also has a positive economic impact on one's bar tab.

Saturday morning, the fun continued as one of my girlfriends came over for coffee in the courtyard out back. When she left, two of my really funny guy friends came over to buy our fooseball table. They were very much the opposite version of Chip and Dale, the polite chimpmunks,chip and dale as they wrestled the mighty heavy and extremely awkward game out the door calling each other less than flattering names.

Then it was off to a very late lunch/early dinner (Lupper, as Homer Simpson would say) at O'Shea's patio.
Everyone was out and about.
Hot-rodders,er, I mean, classic cars enthusiasts, parents with strollers, skateboarders, old ladies with dogs, hippies with dogs,
the ice cream man, and lots of bikers (both the kind in leather and the kind in colorful nylon jerseys). Everywhere I looked people were happy. Blue skies and sunshine are profound mood enhancing forecasts, and everyone seemed jubilant. While driving to meet my girlfriends for our lupper date, another friend of mine pulled up behind me at a stop light. I signaled for him to follow me and he decided to join us. Turns out, he was in the mood for lupper, too.
While we were there a couple of his friends joined us for a drink and invited us to see their band later that night.

We decided it was, in fact, waaaay too nice to call it a night and made plans to go see the friend's band, called Dallas Alice at Air Devil's Inn.
at air devil's
While there, I shot a talentless game of pool, talked to lots of nice and interesting people and enjoyed the live music very much. The band had five, yes five, guys playing guitars and one drummer. They were very fun and kinda countryfied,
just like I like it.
Again, being a good girl, I was home by midnight.

Sunday, I visited a life-long childhood friend of mine, that has twin baby girls.aiden and harper We visited for about four hours, took the girls for a long walk in the stroller and out for coffee. Once we got to Heine Brother's however, we remembered that babies don't drink coffee so we just had some ourselves. While out and about we saw another friend that was visiting from Indy and got a chance to catch up with her, too!
On the way home I stopped for my favorite sushi at Amazing Grace.

As the shadows got longer on Sunday,
I squeezed the last delicious moments from of this weekend by treating my beloved poochessepailillybrucie_boy to a
long walk at waterfront park. Kids were playing in the fountains and there was a Louisville Bats game at Slugger Field.
It was a wonderful ending to a great weekend.

And to think, we haven't even kicked of the Derby Festival yet...
Whoopee, I can hardly wait!


Blogger Lori-Lyn said...

Wow. That is a great weekend! You deserve it. The weather changes everything, doesn't it?

Monday, 11 April, 2005  

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