Monday, April 18, 2005


Wedding Musicians
Wedding Musicians,
originally uploaded by Anessa.

Kiawah Island was beautiful.
Cold, but beautiful and
I didn't have to wear the denial hat after all, which was also beautiful in a way.

The chilly breeze whipping down the beach was such that I could only bear to strip down to a tank top and cropped jeans. Luckily, once you were laying flat on the ground it was no longer a problem as long as the sun was shining.
Only when standing upright did one second-guess the sunbathing idea.
I still managed to get a very slight bit of sun.
Just enough to resemble the blush of embarrassment.

Here's a neat shot from my cousin's couldn't have been any more beautiful.
Did I mention it was beautiful?

I also saw the aura of a flock of pelicans, but more on that later.


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