Sunday, April 03, 2005

Modern Love.

I was surfing around the secrets site and came across a postcard
with a drawing of a girl that looks a lot like someone I know.
The card simply stated, "I will always love her".
First it made me sad.
Then it made made me think about all the people are out there surviving with wounded hearts, secretly loving others.
Which, then, reminded my pea brain of a little phrase I seemed to use, and hear used, a lot in my youth...
Now, though, I can't remember the last time I heard someone say it.
The phrase in question? "From your secret admirer".

Remember secret admirers?
I used to say those words all the time when I was younger.
The secret admirer theme was commonplace on sit coms or in movies and in playful banter.
It was just a possibility and a fact of life, that we all were quite certain of, that you may in fact have a secret admirer somewhere out there.

It was good... and hopeful... and encouraging.

So what happened? Surely folks are still out there secretly admiring others, but we certainly don't hear about it like we used to. Are the secret admirers of yesterday the stalkers of today? Are we in such a state of fear that secret admirers can't be free to express themselves any longer?
If that is the case, it is a crying shame.

I would love to receive a big bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates from someone that secretly admired me.

"Whoooo is it?"
"Ma'am, it's a delivery for you."
The door opens to reveal a well pressed delivery man holding a huge bouquet of pink roses and a beautifully wrapped box of chocolate truffles. A simple card is enclosed that reads, "From your secret admirer".

What a wonderful thing that would be.
I would be flattered... and I would probably blush.
And it would be good.
So why aren't people doing this anymore?

Is it fear of being slapped with a restraining order if the identity of the adrmirer was revealed?
Is it we all must have credit where credit is due? Especially if money is being spent?
Is it that romance is dead?
Now we just say what we want and then go a therapist to deal with the rejection?

What a sad state of affairs that would be...

Hopefully, I am way off base and this custom is still being practiced and appreciate by modern lovers.
Hopefully, at this very moment, someone, somewhere, is opening the door to a lovely sentiment sent from a secret admirer.
I choose to believe it still happens and by choosing to believe it can happen, it just might.


Blogger Lori-Lyn said...

I completely agree. I always thought it would be such fun to have a secret admirer. I believe that we create reality - so yes, just by imagining secret admiring, we can bring it into being if it isn't already. This isn't a very romantic world anymore, but it could be. Just think of all the loving hearts - what if they all reached out at once...

Monday, 04 April, 2005  

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