Monday, January 24, 2005

A Very Short Screen Play

We are in the happy couple's kitchen as they are waiting for their micro-waved meal to cook.

Anessa: Hey Honey, did you see this? (she hands him an opened magazine)

Mark: What is it? (he takes magazine but doesn't really look at it)

Anessa: It's an issue of Louisville Today's Woman. There's a ballot where you can nominate someone for a "Her Award." (she points to page with ballot form)

Mark: Oh....That's nice. Who were you thinking of nominating? (somewhat interested)

Anessa: Well, I was hoping you might nominate me... (sweetly)

Mark: What? Nominate you? For what? (surprised / perplexed)

Anessa: Well, I just thought it might be good advertising for my portrait business. Free publicity. A lot of local influential women read it, you know. (cleverly)

Mark: You're crazy! I'm not going to do that..... it's wrong AND sneaky! (!) momentary pause .... Can I please have a sip of your diet coke? (calmly)

Anessa: Hell, no. (bitterly / takes a long sip of her diet coke in front of him)

Mark: Well, that kind of attitude isn't going to get you a "Her Award". (smart-assly)

Anessa: Totally busted and amused she covers her mouth and diet coke shoots straight out of her nostrils. (painfully)

Both: Laughter.

(microwave goes ding)

The End.


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