Friday, January 21, 2005

Goldfish and Brittney

The past two nights I have had the most bizarre dreams.
I'm sure that you want to hear about them so let's begin:

Dream One:
I am in a hot tub, that is filling up with rainwater, with my husband and about 100 goldfish. We think the goldfish are freaky because they are beautiful but tickling us as they swim around. Then, suddenly, all the goldfish start floating up to the surface and dying. So now we are sitting in a tub of dead fish. I wig out, step out of the tub and get out in the rain to wash off dead fish slime. Somehow, while washing off, I am instantly dressed in jeans and a blue tee shirt and handed a huge umbrella that is sewn to to a bunch of other folks umbrellas and we are walking along in the rain silently looking at each other. That is, until I spot a second hand store that is in an old church. I say "Oh wow! Have you guys been to this shop? It is killer!" I leave the group, go in and start shopping. Immediately, I find the prettiest pink satin sash from a little girl's dress (or that's where I assume it is from) and I wrap it around my neck like a scarf. I love it and plan on buying it. It is $2.00. However, when I remember I am late for a hair appointment at the blowing alley I rush out the door and forget to pay for it. A short walk later I enter the tiny, brightly lit, 3 lane blowing alley. People are chatting and some lady says "Chelsea will be here in a minute to do your hair." I spend the next bit of time watching a red antique cigarette machine dispensing cigarettes through a series of pulleys and ramps. When Chelsea walks in I am shocked that she is only 12 years old. I decide to leave and skip the appointment. As I'm walking out I pass the couple that own the bowling alley and say, "I never knew you guys were here--never heard about this bowling alley before. It's nice". One of them says back to me "We'll if you're good to people the word eventually gets around".
Dream Two:
I am at my supervisor's house having a sort of dinner party when there is a knock at the door. She goes to answer it and I for some reason know I need to hide. From my poorly chosen hiding place behind the roll top desk I can hear a big man with a deep voice saying that he is here to serve me papers appear in court. He says he knows I am in there and "Mrs. Miller, you need to let me in to see her immediately". The I climb into a more secure hiding spot in a closet under the stairs that is strangely similar to the portal in the movie Being John Malchovich. From there, I continue to listen to the big man with an angry voice and learn that I am needed in court because at a recent event I forgot to wash my hands and I gave Brittany Spears a cold that caused her to cancel her scheduled tour. I was being sued for not washing my hands.
Next thing I know, I find a soft purple fleece blanket in my hiding place and fall asleep.

Crazy, but not as crazy as Mary Roach.


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