Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

Just what I needed!
A good excuse to take more photos of myself...
It's called Self Portrait Tuesday at Flickr.
Self Portrait Tuesday
I'm like a monkey in the mirror.
Simultaneously repulsed, amazed, amused and fascinated by my own face.
No wonder I paint portraits. I love faces.
Everyone's. All kinds.
I am especially, strangely, attracted to people with unusual, slightly bizarre, features.
Big noses, baggy eyes, a chipped tooth, a scar.
All are beautiful to me....enough talk, already....
I gotta get back there and see some more faces!
Care to join me?


Blogger Lori-Lyn said...

That's a beautiful picture.
I'm the monkey next to you in the mirror.

Wednesday, 03 August, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good post... thanks.

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Wednesday, 03 August, 2005  
Blogger Joe Tornatore said...

you like strange features? i work with the developmentally disabled. you could paint all day.

Sunday, 14 August, 2005  

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