Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mick, Vans, Willy and Rumspringa!

What a great Friday night!
We managed to squeeze all sorts of fun stuff into one evening...

Our night began with a trip to the mall where we treated ourselves to one fun and completely unnecessary item each.
Rules were it had to be limited to $30 or less...and it had to be non serious in being.
Predictably, we found ourselves lusting over the trend crazy merchandise in Hot Topic.
If you haven't a Hot Topic store, I should probably let you know it is designed to market directly to 12-18 year old goth/rave kids. So being that we are pushing 40, and look like that particular demographic's parental units, we just can't seem to stop ourselves.
We love that store.
That is, unless they're blaring death metal on the sound system...I find that particular genre of music somewhat challenging to shop to.
So, blending in with freak lot gang as best we could manage,
Mark picked out an awesome pair of camoflage Vans that happened to be 25% off and I got an ultra fabulous tiny black tee with a ginormous metallic silver and purple vinyl transfer of who else?
My boy Mick Jagger. While paying for our finds, we had an absolutlely entertaining conversation with a young wisp of punk rock check-out girl who had, in fact, been backstage at two Stones concerts in her short life. As luck would have it, her mom is a tree farmer and is therefore friends with Chuck Lavelle, who plays keyboards with the boys also has a tree farm. I called her a "lucky duck"and my cool, hip facade went straight out the window.
I might have well have said, "nifty" or "neato"!
Very uncool, indeed.
Oh well.

Moments later we were treking across the steamy parking lot to the wonderfully air conditioned cinema. There we
bought two tickets to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, a huge tub-o-popcorn, refreshing soft drinks and my ultimate favorite, a SUPER SIZE box of Raisinettes. You may want to take note: The low fat healthfulness of this particular candy allows one to eat double the amount of other movie theatre dietary fare.
Overall, I enjoyed the movie. But to be brutally honest, I suppose the most "thumb" I would give this movie would be two sideways semi-enthusiastic thumbs pointing slightly upwards.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm very glad we went and I was fully entertained,
but I could never really quite get over Mr. Depp's somewhat bizarre performance.
His portrayal of Mr. Wonka....was, well, haphazard.
I would also like to say that the rest of the cast, the elaborate sets, artistic direction and costumes were flawless.
I stayed hypnotized pretty much the whole time....and the kids in the theatre were hilarious. I love hearing little kids belly laugh. It's a simple and good thing.

After the movie, since it was only 9pm, we stopped at the rental store on our way home and picked up an "employee's pick of the week" movie called, Devil's Playground. Whoa! What a mind blowing eye-opener!
I give this documentary-style movie two enthusiastic thumbs way up....way up pointing towards heaven.
You see, this movie is a sneak peek into the Amish tradition called Rumspringa. I had never heard of Rumspringa but it is an unbelieveable tradition in which 16 year olds of the Amish faith are allowed to "go english" for an unspecified period of time and learn all about the outside world. All I can say is you have got to rent this. Those Amish kids you see at the Wal Mart riding in the horse drawn buggy? Well, don't be so certain they aren't coming off a crystal meth high, sweating out a serious hangover and trying to remember where they got all those hickies. I'm tellin' ya. Rumspringa is crazy! Booze, sex, crack, 1500 person field parties. It ain't your grandpa's
Rumspringa, that's for sure!

As our evening drew to a late night close, Mark watched A National Treasure, starring Nick Cage, while dozing off during the non-action scenes and I googled rumspringa for about 2 hours. Mesmerized by tales of buck wild Amish teens.

To sum up our weekend in a word: Hottopiwonkorumspringalicious....
(but definitely not nifty.)


Blogger Lori-Lyn said...

I agree with both of your movie reviews whole-heartedly. I never could quite figure out what Johnny Depp was doing. We were mesmerized by The Devil's Playground.

Monday, 15 August, 2005  
Blogger Lyndsey said...

Hi! I grew up in Paducah. Love your blog, it may be the only "Paducah" blog out there. Love hearing what's going on in town.

Wednesday, 17 August, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh camo vans. what a find for Mark. I also purchased a pair of vans this past weekend. It is my favorite store in the mall. Everytime I enter, I know full well that I will leave with a pair of these under my arm. I usually can't wait to get home to put them on my feet. My newest are a pair of old skool lace ups. It is also my 10th pair purchased this year and we are only in August. They sit nicely in my closet next to the blue, orange, checkerboard, khaki(suede), palm print, and who knows whatever other color is lying on the floor. Never the less, I love them so. Hot Topic, what a store, I am usually a sucker for the Napoleon stuff but how many "vote for pedro" shirts can one own. As for the movies I cannot comment as I usually fall asleep long before the story unfolds. By the way, Anessa, Jennifer says I have too many Vans but what does she know. I looked in her closet yesterday and one would have thought that she was opening her own DSW shoppe.

Wednesday, 17 August, 2005  

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