Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dreaming is Free.

I believe that big fat moon up in the sky is really affecting the dreams
in our big fat heads
in our big fat bed lately.

Last night Mark dreamed that he was dodging bullets in the war all night long.
He didn't sleep a wink and woke up quite disturbed. The war in Iraq and George W. are worrying us both to death. Now, however Mark can't escape the worry even while sleeping. I cannot imagine what the soldiers and the families of our soldiers are feeling. I wish it would just be over.

And, earlier this week, I dreamed I was sitting across from a wheelchair bound elderly lady while she sang, quite heartbreakingly, two verses of Faithfully, by Journey.

"Highway run
Into the midnight sun
Wheels go round and round
You’re on my mind
Restless hearts
Sleep alone tonight
Sendin’ all my love
Along the wire

Circus life
Under the big top world
We all need the clowns
To make us smile
Through space and time
Always another show
Wondering where I am
Lost without you."

She was just sitting and singing beautifully, simply, and sadly.
There was no music. Just her voice and my tears. I think maybe someone was trying to get a message to me from the other side. I didn't recognize the lady, but she was little and had a kind face and was wearing a pink robe.
Oh no!
Maybe it was me having a glimpse into the future!
Now that's wild.

Oh yeah.... eventually three happy little yellow canaries in pink tu-tus showed up and were buzzing about. Maybe they were the the clowns "we all need to make us smile"? From the verse above?


Sure was interesting....I can't get her voice (or, my voice?) out of my mind.

In other, less crazy news:
I wanted to let you guys know my website is up. I think is looks really great! My designer did a great job. Be sure and visit his site. There is a button in the bottom right hand corner on my home page that will take you there.

With that said,

Living Color

It needs some very minor tweaking...
(For instance, there are a few awkward run on sentences I want to change and my photo is kinda pretentious. I'd like to replace it with a smiling photo..and I might add a few paintings...)
But overall-- I think it looks great.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to share them with me before meet with the designer again.

So, that's all for today.
I promise I will post something good soon.
I've been to busy out making stories for you to read...hasn't left much time for blogging.


Blogger Lori-Lyn said...

That dream sounds very haunting. Especially if the lady singing is the future you.
Your website looks great!!

Saturday, 27 August, 2005  

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