Monday, June 13, 2005

Tunes and Treasures

Sunday was a very rainy day so Mark and I decided to make the most of our indoor situation and spent the day painting our den.
It is now a beautiful beachy shade of turquoise that reminds us of the ocean in Mexico. (Our favorite place in the world.)

Whilst transforming our previously sad and dreary pee-yellow, faux-finsihed walls, to the aforementioned, fresh and cheery hue of blue, we listened to our XM Radio.

We love our XM.
(Mark now loves his iPod slightly more than our XM since he became a podcasting junkie, but still digs the XM and awful lot.)

Yes, we listened to various genres of music for about 4 hours or more, I'd say.
We mellowed out to the 70's station and XM cafe, freestyle jammed with some Lifestyles selections,
and finally came to rest on the absurdly awesome 80's for the largest part of our afternoon's listening experience.

One of the things I most love about XM Radio, is that you can glance over and see the name of the song you are listening to and the recording artist glowing in big orange letters on the little tuner...all day, all the time.
This feature thrills me because I never fully recovered from the sad, last few days of the now non-existent FM radio D.J.s
that would tell you a little information about each song before or after playing it.

So we made a game, similar to Name that Tune, where we would see which one of us could guess the 80's song first from the first few notes. I must say, I believe I have a firm grasp on my 80's music knowledge, but Mark's knowledge extended far beyond mine, encompassing the obscure and one hit wonders,
like Le Tigre and Bunny D and Taco.
(I was reminded of yet another reason I love him so much.)

As the marathon of my youth's music wrenched an unstoppable flood of memories from my brain,
I came to settle on one thought for a very long time.
A thought that made me laugh.
A thought that made me uncomfortable.
A thought that made me think...

Where are the Merry Go Round clothing stores of today?

I loved, loved, loved the Merry Go Round in Fayette Mall.
They had the perfect selection of wearables to reflect each month's top 40 track.
It was their thing.

Feeling like a Maniac? Well, here we have a whole wall of Flashdance inspired oversized, pre-cut sweatshirts for you.

Not so much a maniac today? Feeling more like a Virgin? May I interest you in these fine black lace gloves, or one of our layering rosaries?

Oh, Can't touch this? Harem pants to the left on the back wall.

Pour Some Sugar on Me? Union Jack muscle tee, half-shirts are on sale--- this week only.
Buy one and get a free, black mesh, layering, half-shirt to wear over it.

Yes, I used to love that store. I would buy the craziest looking outfits in there and actually wear them to my small town high school.
(Luckily, my after school job only paid $3.25 an hour, so I couldn't buy that much.)

Yesterday, because of the music, I even remembered my very favorite outfit of all purchased at the Merry Go Round.
A pair of harem-like, white, crinkly, wrinkly, super light-weight, gauze pants, (Very skinny at the ankle, large billowy legs and a drawstring and elastic waist) and a light sea-foam green, silk-ish, summer sweater with one button in the back and a large key hole opening that went halfway down my back.
It was daring!
It was this fabulous outfit I chose to wear to a beach party on Hilton Head Island where my beach friend Kristen Burns, (I would love to find you somehow, Kristen Burns from Raleigh, NC.... wherever you are...and the Payne brothers from Cincinnati, too) and I met and hung out with the band Europe.
Who is now touring again...and you thought they'd never last!)

So yesterday, besides getting a lot of painting done, and getting my A double S beat down by playing Name that 80's Tune.. was reminded of how important music is to me.

Music........... and the clothes it inspires, rather.
What an awesome combination.


Blogger Lori-Lyn said...

We love our XM Radio for the same reasons that you mention, and listen to those same stations. (Mostly 70's.) The Boneyard is also good for angry days when you need to bang your head.
I loved the Merry Go Round, too. There was another store of that era that I was thinking about just the other day. Ups and Downs maybe?
Are you gonna see Europe on tour?

Monday, 13 June, 2005  
Blogger Michael said...

I love this post. I wore clothes in the 80’s that absolutely pushed the envelope in my hometown of BG KY. Crazy things!! There was a store in the mall - Chess Kings I think, totally 80’s. I got my first pair of pleather parachute pants there along with this shirt that was nothing but pleats from bottom to the top that took me close to 30 minutes to iron jsut so...

Tuesday, 14 June, 2005  
Blogger anessa said...

Ups and Downs was right next door to the Merry GO Round in Fayette was set up like a warehouse with big crates and stencilling on the walls that said Up and down and metal stairs in between....
And I remember chess king too...
I think I bought a men's ruffly tuxedo shirt in there once... it was on the far end of the Mall, by the anchor store, defunct.
Ahh, those were the days...and no, LL...I don't think I will be seeing Europe anytime soon...I am going to see Dave Matthews though!

Tuesday, 14 June, 2005  
Blogger Lori-Lyn said...

Yeah. The big crates with the stencilling. I loved that store.
Sometimes, when I think about the outfits I wore to high school, I am amazed.
I wish I had more photographic evidence.

Tuesday, 14 June, 2005  

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