Thursday, March 10, 2005

Where is world is San Poshio?

Lookie what I found whilst googling:
Not just a jar with one sparkle in it, but a whole jar of sparkles.
It is the sort of thing you sprinkle...
or so the ad suggests that one would use them for sprinkling.
Slightly bizarro, and quite wonderful.

I love to sprinkle sparkles.
In fact, many years ago, I wanted to open a nightclub called The Glitterbox.
The gimmick (cause you gotta have a gimmick)
would be to have glitter
(see: sparkles for sprinkling, above)
on all the tables and all over the floor,
and a disco ball, of course.

The genius of this idea would be that you couldn't escape The Glitterbox without sparkling.
The glitter that stuck to you when you exited the club, would be, in effect, free advertising.
For example:
Teasingly said, "Looks like someone's been to The Glitterbox!"
Or braggingly announced, "Oh man, we got so Glitterboxed last night."
The potential for it's own lingo was phenomenal.
Not to mention, sparkling, in all scenarios, is festive.

So, it was a brilliant idea until I realized there was a hole in my marketing theory.
The hole being this: it only takes the removal of one letter
and then you would be getting litterboxed instead of Glitterboxed.
Not quite as cool.
I would imagine, justifiably so, that no one would like getting litterboxed.
I could never get over my discovery and the club closed it doors before opening.

Alas, it was just a fleeting idea.


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