Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Update on Sweet Lilly Girl.

Just a little note to ask you you keep up the good vibes, healing
engergy, prayers and efforts to help Lilly get better ...

After several absolutely awful, heartbreaking, and tear filled visits
to the hospital just to see her laying very still and mostly
unresponsive, and most of all to find ourselves doubting our decision
to put her such major surgery.....

We finally had a glimmer of hope tonight.

Only a glimmer, but she seemed to recognize us for what we think is
the first time since Sunday and we each got tiny kisses. She was even
trying to sit up. Not great strides, but it is a step in the right
direction. Until 5pm tonight, the surgeons were concerned that she was
not improving as she should, if she was going to. When we got there
at 9pm improvements were being noticed.

With that said, she is still very very far from being "out of
the woods". We are trying not to be too optimistic, and we honestly
know she may not be coming home at all....but we are holding on to the
idea that even a few hours snuggled in her own bed at home would be
what she would want more than anything, if she could have one last

We aren't expecting a few months anymore, but we aren't giving up the
idea of a homecoming. I have already made arrangements with our vet
to make a house call if we need her.

She is having ventricular arrhythmia which can be fatal at any moment,
and her blood pressure is only slightly above dangerously low,
but.....it was better than this morning.
Maybe only for a moment.... But it was good.
The best thing is that I'm pretty sure she knew we were there and that
we love her very much and I think she was telling us the same.

Thank you all for your continued love and support, Please don't stop
just yet.. I think it might be working.

Thank you most sincerely from the bottom of my very heavy heart.


Blogger ancho and lefty said...

Lilly, I do not know you, but I am hoping you are improving as we speak.


Wednesday, 12 July, 2006  

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