Saturday, June 03, 2006

Stop Faking....

I know I haven’t written much lately.
The new job--
and relocation---
and once in a lifetime (yeah right) summer fun---
and lack of dependable wireless (more than anything)
has kept me away from my computer quite a lot.
And this may not be worth writing about, but at least it’s something new so you’ll know I’m alive
and still over-thinking things
and longing for the good old days.
Apres above sidetrack introduction;
here’s where my brain resides this particular a.m.:

I managed to catch a few minutes of The Morning Show
while waiting for the rain to slow down before heading out to begin my soggy day.
When I tuned in, as luck would have it, my very favorite segment was on.....
The new music segment, that is.

Today Rob Thomas and Jewel performed,.
First they played separately, both performances were nice.
No complaints, whatsoever.
I’d say enjoyable even.

But then they did a duet.
Herein the problem lies,
for me, at least.

Maybe it’s just because it is one of my very favorite songs.
Maybe it is because they have never really been heart broken.
Maybe it is because no one can compete with 1981’s version featuring Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks.

But Jewel and Rob shoud have left their version of Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
on the “fun in the studio” tracks shelf.

You see, even though I like Rob and Jewel both in their own special way......
When they sang their version it was severly lacking
in a very specific, special, quality that makes that song speak so dead-eye directly to an oh-so-jaded heart.

Even if you have never suffered a tradgedy of the loved-and-lost variety,
Tom and Stevie’s version made you feel as if you might've known what a pulversized heart feels like.

Rob and Jewel, eh, not so much.
It seemed like they kids were playing d-i-v-o-r-c-e.
Or house.

As we all know, it can be tricky whenever a recording artist chooses to remake well known classic hits,
they run the risk of very strong criticisms,
or conversely, it could be even bigger than the original.
Thing is, everyone will have definite opinions about it.

With this being said.
I applaud Matchbox Rob and Miss J for trying it.
It might of worked.

Stranger things have happened.

For example, Nothing Compares to You.
Who on Earth would have thought that Sinead could've sold this song to us to us more successfully than His Purple Majesty?

Not I.

See, you just never know.
It's worth taking the chance I suppose.

And I suppose there are many young folks out there that don’t remember the original version of S.D.M.H.A.
and will dig the lyrics enough,
and by filtering the new version through their own pre-existing teen angst bodies,
it will enfd up feeling more like it was intended,
back in the day.

More gravel and stoned-eyed grit,
less slicky-slick designer jeans and expensive hi-lights.

Hate to say it, but Jewel with her sexy sideways glances
and pink shiny lip gloss didn’t seem scorned enough to pull ot off.
She’s not emotionally beat up enough and you can see it in her eyes.
It wasn’t even kinda believable.
Her voice is wonderful for singing about “breaking the egg and making a smiley face”
but no raw nerves on this one.
Raw nerves are essential in this case.

Stevie knew hurt back then when she was singin' her heart out.
Through the emotional wringer, that one.
That’s how she rocked it so hard.

That’s why it’s a drivin’ and cryin’ song.
It’s not supposed to be pretty.

And Rob Thomas?
I’m sorry, but waaaaay too cute.
Never believe anything a boy that cute says.
Who in the world ever drug his heart around?

I mean, come on.
You expect us to believe that?

Now, Tom Petty...
He appears to have been drug around, period.
By his heart,
by his hair even.
And his voice sounds like it too.
And that’s precisely why HE rocked it so hard.

I should add, before you say it,
that yes, yes, my dear friends;
I know I am guilty of having a very narrow point of view when it comes to music these days,
but I can’t help but believe rock music was honestly better in the 70’s and early part of the 80’s.

Before rockers has stylists and porcelain veneered teeth.
(Kudo’s to Jewel here for NOT getting that snaggletooth/teeth of her’s fixed.)

But yes, I think music was better back then.
When life was more free wheelin and hard livin’.
Before diet coke and botox and personal trainers.

Dude, you didn’t even have have to wear a seat belt back then.
And no rocker in their right mind would have cosmetic surgery,
unless it was to close the hole blown out in their septum from too much b-l-o-w.

Maybe I’m just getting old.
And God forbid, MORE opinionated.

I know there are some great new young musicians around today with heartbroken classics yet to sing.
And I will support them intensly if they are believeable.

After all, I would like to have loved Jewel and Rob’s performance today.
They seem like great people.
Happy people.
And their ain't nothing wrong with that.
I’m just sayin’.
That’s all.


Anonymous Lori-Lyn said...

That's right.
I hate it when that happens and with that song no less.

Saturday, 03 June, 2006  

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