Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hit Me Baby One More Time

***Strangely, this page has been viewed an unusual amount of times lately...
what is the source? What is directing you here? I can't find the link ...
Will someone please enlighten me?***

And now, back to the story:

Yes, I watched HMBOMT last night and soaked in Dale Bozzio's performance like a puppy-love-crushed 9 year old boy.

I LOVE Dale Bozzio and her performance did not let me down.
No, she didn't let me down even under the circumstances of having to perform on such a cheese ridden show.
In case you haven't seen HMBOMT, the show is ,in fact, the cheesiest and the emcee and his British accent is downright annoying.

Someone remind is that when someone speaks with a British accent, they suddenly are an authority in musicology?

It also annoys me that this fresh-faced kid wasn't even born when most of these performers were at the height of their successes...
dubious as they might have been.

I mean, I just wish he could fully appreciate the interaction he is having with some of these artists.
That's all I'm sayin'.
I have nothing against cute young men with accents.
No, not in the slightest.

I should also re-state that I am still embarassed that I looked forward to any TV show with unbridled excitement and anticipation all week long.

In my defense, I offer this thought to you:

Exactly, where else would I, a woman sans cable,
have been able to see one of my formative years absolute heroines,
in the comfort of my own home,
whilst combing the internet for all things Missing Persons .....
AND eating double-choclate Jello pudding at the same time?
See my point?

Excitement warranted.

Back to my crush Dale.

Her voice, which has always been unusual, now has matured to resemble Marianne Faithfull in a most beautiful way.
Broken and inaudible at times, Marianne strange and pained voice has undeniably and haunted me for a number of years.
So Dale's voice doing a little morph-action toward this same style was not a detraction or distraction, in my opinion.

Did I tell you she still looks beautiful?
She is tiny perfection.
No longer in the rail-thin-plastic-bra-pink-haired-Barbie sort of way...
But rather, in the "yeah, I'm pushin' 50 and I still have pink hair (extensions) and I'm still the coolest chick from another planet you know" sort of way.

I do realize I just posted a whole rant of how much I loved AFOS so you could be getting somewhat over my love of the 80's.

But for those of you that are still reading this....

What I failed to tell you in that entry,
is that I had 3 cassette tapes in my aforementioned Karmann Ghia.
One was The Cars, Candy-O.
The second was Led Zeppelin IV, and last but not least was Missing Persons Rhyme and Reason.
I wore that tape out and when it quit playing I hung the paper insert from the plastic case on my wall in my home(s).
Most recently it was above my painting table at the Cinderblock for inspiration. Maybe you even saw it there and thought,
'what the...'???

Dale has been with me a long time.
My Idol back in the Day...
At 16, I would drive around and daydream it was me in that space age get up.
At 25, I would dream it was me stiff-legged, flamingo-coiffed and squealing in my leather loin cloth on the stage.
and today, at 35, I still daydream about being as cool as Dale.

And did you know I owe this pleasure mainly to Frank Zappa, whom Dale credits for "giving me everything in my life ..making me who I am today me incredible faith in my musical ability that I would
have never believed in my life that I could do" ..

I mean, it just keeps getting better, doesn't it?!

Dales debut was as 'Mary' on the Zappa album Joes Garage.

I'll bet if any of you watched the show last night and know me very well, you may have even anticipated this post.
If so, I hope I came through for you.
But, to me, it was necessary.
One must give credit where credit is due.

And in the world according to Anessa, Dale deserves some serious credit.

So bravo, Dale.
You keep on keepin' on.
I love you, girl....and thanks for being you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having been in that very VW you speak about I cannot recall those cassettes. I can, in great detail, recall the color of that white and red car, heater failed to work properly, and most importantly and fondly I recall your passion for this car. Even now, 20 years later, you still talk about this car, this car that you most likely wrapped around some tree, you still hold in high regard. What I would not give to give you this car again. I especially remember you talking about and missing this car as we rode around in a Silver, beat up, blue leather interior, GTV6 - Alpha Romeo that I so loved. We listened to the Cure - Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me. It was a Friday night. As you recall your youth and desire to be as cool as "whoever" you wish to be as cool as. Maybe you should set back look in the mirror and see that maybe, you are that cool.

Tuesday, 12 July, 2005  
Blogger anessa said...

Thanks, Bill.....
I knew it was you before you even mentioned the your comment about me wrapping the VW around a tree.

I do remember that night.. it was the first week Cherry Blossom Drive opened.

Tuesday, 12 July, 2005  
Blogger anessa said...


Wednesday, 13 July, 2005  
Blogger anessa said...

Hey folks...this page has gotten about 30 hits in the past few days...I can't figure out where the link is originating from...
Will someone point me in right direction?
I'd love to know how you're getting here.

If you're not willing to divulge...well, no worries.
and come back back anytime.

Monday, 01 August, 2005  
Anonymous Lori-Lyn said...

Hey-this is weird. I can see that you were getting the mysterious hits in August, so it won't be related to this - but I just did a Google search to try to find out about the angel tree at Fayette mall and this came up. (I clicked it, of course.) This post must have magnetic powers!

Monday, 13 November, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

googling hit me baby one more time gets you here

Saturday, 16 December, 2006  

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