Sunday, February 12, 2006


Mark here…
People who make a living as impersonators have always intrigued me. Look-alikes, as they are often called in the business, are rented for parties, entertain on stage and/or make public appearances for their own pleasure.

What makes them want to impersonate a public figure? It could be ego or a search for attention. Are some of them forced into the spotlight based on their own appearance? Do they like the idea of living through someone else, or the idea of pulling one over on the people who think they are the real thing? Nevertheless, they do get to step away from the character and spotlight when they want, which is a trait their celebrity counterparts can’t achieve.

There are many look-alikes that have their own websites and promote their trade. Some look like the celebrities they imitate, some do not.

Anessa and I ran into a Rod Stewart a month ago, complete with spiked hair, collar up, tight pants, slim tie and jacket at a local Pub in Paducah. What the hell he was doing there, we do not know, but Hot Legs (as I like to refer to him) was working the crowd, emulating facial and body gestures which could only be performed by one who has studied there subject closely. He loved the attention and had quite a resemblance to Rod the Bod.

It can work to your favor if you look like your subject, but can work against you if you look like a less favorable character. I have a friend who looks like Scott Peterson. When I ran into him last year (during the Peterson extreme media blitz) at a wedding, he said that at least once a day someone made the comment and that he was ready for the trial to be over so that his life could resume normally. How awful. I know how horrible I felt when my name was mispronounced throughout the O.J. trial as Mark Furman. Scott’s, whoops- I mean Brad’s problem was a million times worse.

When I was a younger I got a lot of Chevy Chase. Not so much anymore, but I do find it interesting that I married a Goldie Hawn. Recently, I was stopped at a White Castle late one night and called out as Ron Burgundy by a complete stranger. What the hell was that? I sometimes get a Dr. Mark Greene, or Anthony Edwards, but that’s probably every bald guys look-alike. Unfortunately there is no resemblance with me and any celebrity so compelling that I could pull it off. I would love to see how it feels just once and to try and understand the complex mind of an impersonator.

Maybe I will grow a moustache

Stay classy bloggers


Blogger Mags said...

Seth always got Anthony Edwards "Goose"!

Monday, 13 February, 2006  
Blogger Lori-Lyn said...

There's so much to talk about here, I'm not sure where to begin. Nice, nice post.
That Elton John scares me. Bad.

Wednesday, 15 February, 2006  

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