Friday, December 02, 2005

Love it more than ever...

originally uploaded by Anessa.
I did this painting several years ago for some very good friends of ours in Tennessee.

It is a portrait of their awesomely sweet and good tempered Retriever named Ruby.

I recall being so critical of my skills when I was painting it...

I was never quite satisfied with some of the very small details. I was even apprehensive to present it to them when it was finished.

Recently though, during a fun, one night
weekend visit to their home....
The painting appeared to be more beautiful than ever to me.

Funny how my feelings have changed, as time goes by.

Now, looking at this portrait in their home,
hanging with care on the wall...
I am proud of it.

In fact, I love it ...
and I can't even remember what was bothering me about it.

Maybe I love more now
because of my love and respect for Ruby as a patient and wonderful old girl with whiskers of gray.

Maybe I love it more now
because it reminds me of doing something I love more than most anything else in the world.

Maybe I love it more now
because this painting has been looked at
lovingly for many years and has absorbed a whole bunch of positive love vibes.
Maybe is sending those vibes back at me.
Maybe that's what I feel.

For whatever reasons, it is a good thing.


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