Tuesday, November 22, 2005

No More Facey & I love Nash Vegas, Baby!

Well, kids....
I keep saying I am done posting photos of myself, but it is so much easier than posting stories some weeks. This might just be one of the last for a while.....
I'm sick of my face....
(And it only took 4 short months of SPT.
Who would thunk it?)

Anyhoo, in other news...we made a quick trip down to Nashville this weekend.
What a blast. Good friends, good food, good music, good times, lots of laughs.
Big thanks to Keith and Marla.....they are such great hosts, we almost didn't leave!
I really loooooooove Nashville....well, downtown Nashville, mainly. It is so full of energy and possibility. Everyone is almost famous.
It's electric. Also, very glitzy and overdone as far as fashion is concerned. I dig it, hard!
Maybe we should live there next?
Well, see..


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