Sunday, December 11, 2005

For the Love of Meatballs Three!

When did Patrick Dempsey become such a hottie?

I mean, last I knew of him he looked a kinda like this....


But as I was watching Grey's Anatomy
for the first time last night...

He walked into a patient's room looking like this:

Only he was in scrubs with a stethoscope...


What a transformation....
Instant crush.
So...Is it getting hot in here, or what?


Anonymous Donna Maria said...

Oh Holy Night!

Monday, 12 December, 2005  
Blogger anessa said...

HA ha!!! Tell me about it--

Tuesday, 13 December, 2005  
Blogger Curly Mel said...

Girl, I agree! I don't know when Ronald turned into a hottie, but yowssahs. PS: it's a really good show. You should watch every week. AT least it's not on cable. XOXOXO Melanie

Wednesday, 14 December, 2005  

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